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Conservative Punk is featured in this months issue of Alternative Press! [CLICK] to check it out! Response To Moore
As thousands of Americans head to theaters to pay to watch Michael Moore's latest propaganda piece, others are gearing up for the release of several works critical of the filmmaker. Among these works is a film by newcomer filmmaker Michael Wilson entitled Michael Moore Hates America which, according to the films official website, "will hold Moore's tactics up to the light". The film will include guest appearances by half of the comedy duo Penn & Teller, and host of Showtime's Bullshit! Penn Gillette and Give Me A Break author John Stossel.

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Next is a book by Authors David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke entitled Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man. On Sale on June 29th, and ironically published by the same publishers as Moore's Stupid White Men, this book promises to take on several themes in Moore's career including:
  • How Moore lashes out at critics and spins outlandish conspiracy theories around those who don't buy into his act hook, line, and sinker.
  • How Moore preaches to a congregation of blind followers, teaching them by example that facts and knowledge aren't necessary components of rabble-rousing rhetoric, and that it's more important to speak passionately than it is to speak intelligently.
  • How Moore bends the truth to fit his predetermined thesis, creating a false impression for a wide audience that takes in his message.
  • How Moore's career and public persona fit the textbooks definition of a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, pervading his works with a truly pathological combination of overwhelming egotism and self-loathing.
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Tuition Burdens Fall
Another cornerstone crumbles for the Kerry campaign:
Contrary to the widespread perception that tuition is soaring out of control, a USA TODAY analysis found that what students actually pay in tuition and fees - rather than the published tuition price - has declined for a vast majority of students attending four-year public universities. In fact, today's students have enjoyed the greatest improvement in college affordability since the GI bill provided benefits for returning World War II veterans.

A $22 billion annual increase in federal college grants and tax breaks are said to be responsible for the decrease in the burden of college spending to many families.

Draft Fears Unfounded
The left has been spreading rumors meant to spread fear among young people in this country. These rumors of a reinstatement of the draft by 2005 are unfounded and based on an ad put up on defense department website,, which called for volunteers to fill draft board vacancies.

After having been abolished after the Vietnam war, the selective services board was reinstated in 1980 by then president Carter in case of emergencies. Since that time it has been normal to have drives to fill the draft boards. In 2001 there was a mass expiring of 20 year terms for draft board members (which makes sense, seeing as many terms began between 1980 and 81). Many of those vacancies were never refilled, so Selective Services sought to advertise in order to fill them. It was not a "firing up" of the draft mechanism, nor was it out of the ordinary.

As a matter of fact, the selective services agency has less full time employees then it has at any time in the past 3 years.

Read more:

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UN Inspectors Present new WMD Findings
On June 11, the United Nations was presented with findings by the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission that concluded that Saddam Hussein had shipped WMD components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before during and after the 2003 war in Iraq.

Its findings also include the discovery of dismantled Iraqi facilities, where components to various weapons were smuggled into countries including Jordan, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The Baghdad missile site contained a range of WMD and dual-use components, UN officials said. They included missile components, reactor vessel and fermenters - the latter required for the production of chemical and biological warheads.

Hmm…what would duel use equipment be doing in a military installation? Penicillin?

"It raises the question of what happened to the dual-use equipment, where is it now and what is it being used for," Ewen Buchanan, Perricos's spokesman, said. "You can make all kinds of pharmaceutical and medicinal products with a fermenter. You can also use it to breed anthrax."

We all await the full findings of the United Nations inspectors concerning WMD's in Iraq. However, what those findings will state seems relatively clear at this point… intelligence agencies around the world were correct. Saddam Hussein's regime had weapons of mass destruction.

Countdown to Sovereignty
Despite the fact that the media refuses coverage, there has been much progress leading to the transfer of power to a sovereign Iraqi people. This includes last week's appointments by Iraqi governing council of both President Ghazi al-Yawer and Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. Both men are well respected amongst their countrymen, which goes a long way in adding legitimacy to their offices.

In his inaugural address, Allawi expressed his gratitude to American servicemen, first in Arabic then in English:

"I would like to record our profound gratitude and appreciation to the U.S.-led international coalition, which has made great sacrifices for the liberation of Iraq."

President Ghazi al-Yawer went on to continue those sentiments:

"Before I end my speech, I would like us to remember our martyrs who fell in defense of freedom and honor, as well as our friends who fell in the battle for the liberation of Iraq."

In an equally unreported story, international legitimacy has been bestowed upon the sovereign government of Iraq 22 days before the transfer of power. Compromises have been reached between the United States, Great Britain and other key security council members including Russia, France and Germany which will lead to a widening internationalization of operations in Iraq:

In a major push to win international backing before the Group of Eight summit begins, the United States made several last-minute concessions to incorporate French and Russian demands in a proposed United Nations resolution on Iraq. It should win unanimous support in a Security Council vote today, U.N. diplomats predicted.

"I hope that when you're my age you'll be able to say, as I have been able to say: we lived in freedom, we lived lives that were a statement, not an apology"
-Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

Conservative Punk T-Shirts
Coming Soon!

The wait is over; we finally got around to that whole merch thing, just in time for the summer concert season. We should have our first run ready for purchase by the end of the month. Support the cause!

Abu Ghraib: Then and Now
Ibrahim al-Idrissi is a man on a mission. Idrissi is the president of the Association for Free Prisoners, a group who's sole purpose is to document and expose the torture, abuse, and extermination of political prisoners which was all to common throughout the reign of Saddam Hussein's regime. A former prisoner himself, Idrissi gives us a look into Saddam's hell holes and puts into perspective the overblown prison abuse story which dominates the American scandal hungry media.

Speaking about one such incident of interrogation/torture of a prisoner named Amer at Abu Ghraib Idrissi gives this chilling, sickening description:

"This is when they brought out his wife, who was five months pregnant. One of the guards said that if he refused to talk he would get 12 guards to rape his wife until she lost the baby. Amer said nothing. So they did. We were forced to watch. Whenever one of us cast down his eyes, they would beat us."

"Amer's wife didn't lose the baby. So the guard took a knife, cut her belly open and took the baby out with his hands. The woman and child died minutes later. Then the guard used the same knife to cut Amer's throat." There is a moment of silence. Then Idrissi says: "What we have seen about the recent abuse at Abu Ghraib is a joke to us."

Of course the actions of a small number of MP's in Abu Ghraib prison can in no way be condoned. However, when Senator Ted Kennedy opens his alcohol chute and makes statements about Saddam's torture chambers being re-opened under new management…perhaps some perspective is in order.

Reinstate the Draft? Vote Democrat!
There has been a lot of noise about the Bush administration reinstating the draft. Turns out that a bill was introduced in January of 2003 to reinstate the military draft, by none other than Democrat representative Charles Rangel.

Under his bill, the draft would apply to men and women ages 18 to 26; exemptions would be granted to allow people to graduate from high school, but college students would have to serve.

So while the Bush administration continues to state that there will be no draft…the Democrats are actually introducing bills to press you into service.

Doc Martens on The Ground
We have recently received a letter from a Marine of the second division who happens to be a Conservative Punk. In it, he comments on the state of the Iraqi conflict, as well as recent events ... read more

Knowing the Roots
Whether you believe that internal strife, American neo-imperialism or combinations of those factors are the causes of the current state of affairs in the Middle East, we can all agree that we must explore the roots of Middle Eastern and Islamic, anti-Semitism and hatred of the West.

A new campaign called "Tell Children the Truth" has been formed by Islamic Scholar Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, it's goal is to spread the truth about the origin of hate in the Islamic world. Surprisingly, Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Semitism can be traced to a single man, Amin Al Husseini. Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi says of him:

Amin Al Husseini was a friend and close collaborator of Hitler and Mussolini, who saw himself as the Muslim arm of the world Nazi coalition. Husseini promised Hitler and Mussolini to turn Islam into the most formidable weapon against the West and the Jews. After the war he helped organize the creation of dictatorships all over the Muslim world, where many of his believers are now the leaders. Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Assad of Syria, and other Arab dictators were all schooled at Husseini's feet. Amin al Husseini was at different intervals the head of the Islamic World Congress, The Muslim Brotherhood, and the Arab League. As a leader of these organizations, until his death in the 70's, he had the time and possibility to spread his hate philosophy all over the Muslim world. Since Husseini's days, the whole Islamic world has been infected with armies of fascist violent groups.

Osama bin Laden and all other Muslim terror chiefs are ardent followers of Amin Al Husseini.

Read about the perversion of Islam, and the man who turned it into a tool of hate.

Kerry's Band of Brothers: "Kerry Unfit to be Commander in Chief"
Many fellow officers who served with John F Kerry in Vietnam have signed a letter stating that he is "unfit to be Commander in Chief". These officers include 19 of the 23 officers who served with him, as well as every commanding officer Kerry had.

O'Neill, currently a Houston, Texas, based attorney, is no stranger to Kerry. O'Neill served in the same naval unit as Kerry and commanded Kerry's swift boat after Kerry returned to the United States. Kerry's command of the PCF boat lasted four months and ended shortly after he received his third Purple Heart. According to naval regulations at the time, any sailor who received three Purple Hearts could request a transfer out of the combat zone.

Kerry and O'Neill engaged in a nationally televised debate in 1971 on The Dick Cavett Show over Kerry's allegations that many Vietnam soldiers had routinely engaged in atrocities such as raping and cutting off ears and heads of Vietnamese soldiers and citizens. Kerry was the then spokesman for the anti-war group Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

"We are going to be presenting a letter that deals with Kerry's unfitness to be commander and chief that has been signed by hundreds of swift boat sailors, including most of those who served with Kerry," O'Neill explained.

"The ranks of the people signing [the letter] range from admiral down to seaman, and they run across the entire spectrum of politics, specialties, and political feelings about the Vietnam War," he added.

So much for Kerry's band of brothers. I assume anyone's brothers would be upset if they accused them of murder, torture, rape, pillaging.\SpecialReports\archive\200405\SPE20040503a.html

The "Right" Side of Punk
As of January 31, 2004, officially launches. The site has been created to educate, inform and increase the little known demographic of the Conservative Punk. This is not C-SPAN meets MTV; this site boasts conservatives from well-known artist Michale Graves of Gotham Road and former lead singer of the Misfits, to conservative talk show host and former rock jock Andrew Wilkow, to the average person on the street. This site has been created to counteract the multiple liberal punk sites on the web, which are run by only a small number of punk artists who are choosing to make up the minds of thousands of voters.
For Mission Statement and entire Press Release click here...

Leonard Graves Phillips Speaks Out!
Vocalist of the legendary Dickies, Leonard Graves Phillips talks about being "fashionably political". Check out the "Speak Out" section for Leonard's words of wisdom.
Nuclear Material Being Smuggled out of Iraq
The jury is still out concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.
Large amounts of nuclear-related equipment, some of it contaminated, and a small number of missile engines have been smuggled out of Iraq for recycling in European scrap yards, according to the head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog and other U.N. diplomats.
Mohammed ElBaradei, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, warned the U.N. Security Council in a letter that U.N. satellite photos have detected "the extensive removal of equipment and, in some instances, removal of entire buildings" from sites that had been subject to U.N. monitoring before the U.S.-led war against Iraq.

Boom in Job Growth
Looks like the jobless recovery is no longer jobless. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 308,000 in March, and the unemployment rate was about unchanged at 5.7 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor reported today. Payroll job growth was fairly widespread, as construction employment rose sharply and several major service-providing industries also added jobs.
Most people realize that the President does not create jobs, rather it is his job to create an environment, which facilitates job creation. However, since Bush has taken much criticism for what seemed to be a failure in doing so, we find that it is only fair that his administration be given credit for fostering an environment where jobs are created at the greatest rate in 4 years.
Read the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for the month of March.

Were we misled leading up to the war in Iraq? Check out these statements made by the very same Democrats who are now pointing fingers. If the liberals leaders in this country have a monopoly on the truththen they seem to only tell it when it's politically expedient.

Conservatives Blacklisted!
It has recently come to our attention that there are several music venues that are blacklisting conservative artists. I was recently informed by Michale Graves that two venues, which his band Gotham Road was scheduled to play on their upcoming national tour, have backed out due to his political beliefs.
We at Conservative Punk are sickened by this blatant display of discrimination and intolerance, and urge you to speak out and voice your displeasure with this recent rash of left wing McCarthyism. The contact information for the two venues is as follows:
The Bottom Lounge
3206 N. Wilton Chicago, IL 60657
Phone: 773.975.0505
The Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: 612.333.7399 - Fax: 612.333.7703

Lies, Lies, Lies!
Seems as if John Kerry has more whoppers than a Burger King. Whether it's telling everyone of his non-existent Irish heritage, or that he's a crusader against special interests, Kerry has told his share of lies.
The latest lie to come from Kerry involves the endorsement of unnamed foreign leaders. Although this lie has been explained away by as a misquote. Patrick Healy, a reporter for the Boston Globe states:

"Transcribing on the bus in Florida, and again on the plane ride to Tampa, I heard 'foreign leaders' rather than 'more leaders'. I am very sorry for this screw-up, and please feel free to hold me accountable to your editors and higher-ups."
However, when we look at the quote in context, we can plainly see that the implication of foreign support of Kerry is still there, whether Kerry said "more" or "foreign". Kerry says:

"I've been hearing it, I'll tell ya. The news, the coverage in other countries, the news in other places. I've met more leaders who can't go out and say it all publicly, but boy they look at you and say, you gotta win this, you gotta beat this guy, we need a new policy, things like that. So there is enormous energy out there. Tell them, wherever they can find an American abroad, they can contribute," a reference to donations, prompting laughter from the crowd."
This might not be as untrue as it seems though, as since this quote has come out, Kerry has received foreign support. His supporters include new socialist Prime minister of Spain Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero, Communist dictator Kim Jong-il, and the voice of al-Qaida, Aljazeera news.

Optimism In Iraq
Despite the continued violence, Iraqi's still hold out hope for their future according to a National Survey of Iraq, conducted in February by independent research group, Oxford Research International. Their findings state:

"More than 56% say that things are either much or somewhat better now than in the spring of 2003, compared with 19% who say it is much or somewhat worse. And as the nearby box shows, Iraqis are even more optimistic about their lives a year from now--with only 7% expecting things to be worse, compared with 71% who expect improvement."
Where is the media's coverage of these positive developments? I guess optimism doesn't sell ad time to Viagra.

Fat Mike Speaks Out on Propagandhi Censoring
Fat Mike explains the reasoning behind removing Propagandhi from the Rock Against Bush compilation, set to be released through his Fat Wreck Chords label. Is this the final word on Mike's "Propa-Gate" scandal?
Read the fat one's response:
Read Jordan from's response:

See original story next...

Propagandhi Silenced!
Political Punks Propagandhi have been silenced by Punkvoter. The Canadian group had recently recorded a song for the upcoming "Rock Against Bush" compilation to be put out by Fat Wreck Chords, entitled "Free John Hinkly". According to Propagandhi's official website, they say:
Well, guess which band got booted from [Rock Against Bush] because they refused to remove a pot-shot aimed at international billionaire, global financier, war-profiteer and all-around asswipe George Soros from their liner notes? No, it wasn't Good Charlotte. Good guess though. Try again.

That's right, it was us!
George Soros is the billionaire, currency trader behind the leftist, and a heavy contributor to left wing organizations all over the country.
We don't agree with Propagandhi's politics, however, they have proven their integrityand Fat Wreck Chords and Punkvoter has proven their lack of it.
Read Jordan from's take on the situation.

New Columnists!
We at Conservativepunk would like to announce the addition of three new columnists to our team.
First we are proud to have Dave Smalley, front man of Down By Law, Dag Nasty, and All, New York based producer Dug, and Sin, owner and operator of Antidote Records. We are elated to have these individuals on board supporting the cause and look forward to their columns, which should be available some time this week.

An Interview With Johnny Ramone
Conservative punk and icon Johnny Ramone speaks to Washington Times columnist Steve Miller. Johnny talks politics and music in this in depth expose.

Does Kerry Have a Soft Spot for Dictators?
The Liberal Senator from Massachusetts advocated military protection for Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Although he was democratically elected (an election that's validity has been disputed by the international community), Aristide has been known for the brutal silencing of political dissidents, and other anti-democratic activities.
So John Kerry was willing to commit American lives to protect a regime like that of Aristide, but has had a change of heart about his support for the ousting of Saddam Hussein. When coupled with his endorsement by North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il, some of us are scratching our heads.

Coming to a Socialized Medical Center Near You
Socialized medicine sounds like a good idea, but do we want our lives (quite literally) in the hands of the lowest bidder? Is the life or death of you or a loved one an issue for the legislature, or a personal choice. In England's socialized medical system, life and death is now a matter for the courts.
Futile Care Theory, the bioethical maxim that gives doctors the right to refuse wanted life-sustaining treatment based on their perception of the quality of their patient's life, has imbedded itself like barbed hook into British medical ethics and law. Indeed, current British Medical Association ethical guidelines permit doctors to stop tube-supplied nutrition and hydration if they believe the patient's quality of life is poor, leading to eventual death. In such cases, patients' or relatives' views on the matter must succumb to the medical and bioethical consensus.
Choice is what maintains a superior healthcare system. Bioethics is a personal matter, and is not a matter to be decided by the government.

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